Our Company

We place the human at the centerstage of our practice since 1996.

Entretien Avangardiste offers janitorial maintenance, cleaning and disinfection services for private companies, public and parapublic agencies, in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

For more than 25 years, we have contributed to the health and the good reputation of the organizations by keeping work and leisure environments safe, clean and healthy. At the forefront of our profession, we have at heart the innovation, ongoing training, the development of more effective processes, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and respecting the environment.

In a human industry where work is largely achieved by individuals, and not machines, it is initially by the quality of our workforce that we stand out. The motivation, the experience, the character and professionalism are the heart of our practice.

At Entretien Avangardiste, we are proud of what we achieve and the difference becomes evident in your environment.

Our business relations are durable, because they are true.

Good business relationships are based on confidence, communication and cooperation. By a partnership approach, we take the time to know our customers well and understand their unique environment. That is what allows us to offer you premium quality service, entirely customized to your specific needs.

Our commitment:

Outsanding customer service

We believe that listening to your needs is the cornerstone of a constructive and long-term business partnership. We do not take any mandate for granted, and this, even after several years of service.

For us, ensuring your satisfaction is:

  • To take account of your specific needs;
  • To maintain a high level of control over the quality of the services provided;
  • To reduce non-conformities to the minimum and, if necessary, to resolve them quickly;
  • To establish fluid communication channels and provide efficient feedback;
  • To offer consulting services in order to continuously improve the processes in place;
  • To follow the latest industrial, governmental and environmental standards;
  • To ensure the integrity and the safety of the human and material resources by a systematic audit of our employees’ background checks and obtaining high level security certifications;
  • To follow a rigorous recruitment process so that each employee can develop its full potential in a role that suits them.

The pillar of our company:

Our staff

Our employees give their all to their work. Their enthusiasm, their involvement and their professionalism are the driving force of our company. They benefit from various development programs, incentives, and continuous improvement, as well as the industry’s state-of-the-art equipment and work techniques.

Proud and motivated, our employees execute top quality work. Their wellbeing at work results in a high retention rate and the great satisfaction of our customers.

Our values

The 3 essential C's

Confidence, collaboration and communication are for us the success of a long-term partnership.

Team work

We achieve our common goals by joining forces.

The sense of belonging

The sense of belonging encourages commitment, which benefits all.

Courage to innovate

Change allows the improvement of the methods and the processes, and consequently the results.

History of Entretien Avangardiste

In 1968, Jeremias Melo said farewell to his native Portugal to come live in Quebec. In 1971, he founded J. Melo Maintenance, which he passionately managed for 25 years. At the time, its activities are mainly focused around the Montreal-Dorval International airport. In the mid-90’s, his oldest son Pedro Melo took over. This last founds Entretien Avangardiste Inc. in 1996.

From its inception, Entretien Avangardiste shows its capacity to adapt to a demanding market in constant evolution. Carried by the conviction that high quality service makes all the difference, it attracts quickly loyal customers. Over the years, it holds an ever-growing market share and attracts large organizations, such as Canderel, Air Canada, Aéroports de Montréal, the Régie des installations olympiques (RIO) and MDA Corporation, to name only a few.

Embracing its roots, the company moves to Dorval in 2016. Thus, it is now strategically positioned to easily serve the Greater Montreal area and its surrounding regions.

Entretien Avangardiste is today in full expansion, more than one hundred employees-strong and serving millions of square feet.

Ready to take your industrial and commercial maintenance needs to the next level?