Our commercial and industrial janitorial maintenance services

Flexible solutions, 100% customized to the needs of your premises.

Our complete range of cleaning, disinfection and maintenance services comply to the specific needs of private companies, institutions, industries and public and parapublic agencies.

Regular Maintenance Services

Regular does not mean average! Day after day, we offer you high quality commercial and industrial custodial cleaning and maintenance services, entirely customized to the specific needs of your premises.

Specialized services

From at height works to event-driven maintenance, our specialized services are custom-made to meet all your needs.

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Dusting of inaccessible spaces
  • Floor scrubbing, waxing and polishing
  • Replacement of luminaries over large areas
  • Scaffold ceiling clean-up
  • Specialized event management housekeeping team
  • Assembly and dismantling of office space and transport of furniture
  • Dry-ice cleaning

Additional services

Our customized maintenance services enable us to gain a better understanding of your environment. We can thus offer you a wide range of integrated services to facilitate the management of your operations.

  • Mail distribution
  • Inventory management and control
  • Ordering of supplies
  • Sorting and segregation of waste material
  • Replacement service (janitorial services)

Our business sectors

Secured premises

National defence | Airoports and Ports | High-tech and aerospace industries

We have advance expertise in custodial and janitorial maintenance of premises subject to stringent security and confidentiality requirements. Since 2012, we have undertaken several mandates in the sectors of national defense, advanced technologies (aerospace industry), as well as transportation (airports and ports). The accountability, discretion and agility of our well qualified professionals have proven themselves.

Facility Security
Clearance (FSC)

We hold a Designated Organization Screening (DOS) confirming our Facility Security Clearance (FSC) of Classified level, issued by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

Transportation Security Clearance (TSC)

We hold a Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) issued by Transport Canada, required in ports and airports throughout the country.

Security protocols comprehensive support

We have a dedicated Corporate Security Officer (CSO) and backup Corporate Security Officers (BCSO). We fully take charge of our employees’ required security clearances/certificates.

Sports and events facilities

We have a vast experience in the maintenance of large-scale installations which have demanding operational needs, such as sports complexes, theaters, museums and event complexes, and this, whether it is a bleachers or salon-style configuration, indoors or outdoors.

High-traffic with peak periods, hosting of large groups, flexible hours, open 24/7: our flexible team is trained adequately to meet all your needs and to keep your environment clean, safe and secure at all times.

and institutional

Industrial buildings require specialized maintenance services in order to keep their facilities clean and secure, without affecting their productivity. Available according to your operating schedule, our work forces are trained to comply with the special needs of your industrial facilities while respecting your internal protocols.  

Institutional buildings must comply with high sanitation and cleanliness standards. Our meticulous staff performs work of exceptional quality ensured by frequent quality controls, and this, with courtesy and discretion in order not to disrupt the users.


The cleanliness of your organization is a significant factor which distinguishes you from your rivals. Our personalized work plans are entirely customized to your needs. Besides basic janitorial maintenance, they can include carpet maintenance, at height works, ceiling cleaning using scaffolds, dusting of inaccessible spaces, as well as floor scrubbing, waxing and polishing.

Our superior customer service, our work force available according to your business hours and our well-trained professionals ensure a clean and safe building environment at all times, whether it is a shopping mall, a restaurant chain or large retail outlets.


We have a vast experience in office building maintenance of various span and sizes. Our devoted, discrete and meticulous staff is available to maintain a high standard of cleanliness at all times, a main component for the wellbeing of all users. 

Besides the regular maintenance of the work stations, common areas, cafeterias and washrooms, as well as the residual materials collection, we offer a vast range of additional services to facilitate the management of your operations, such as mail distribution, inventory control, the ordering of supplies and custodial and janitorial replacement service. 

Our fields of expertise

Throughout the years, we have gained advanced expertise thanks to our clientele active in a variety of sectors. Thus, our teams are accustomed to ensure exemplary custodial janitorial maintenance services in buildings with specific features.

  • High security requirements
  • Open to the public 24/7, or according to variable annual schedule
  • Peak periods with very high traffic
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Heritage buildings, non-conventional architectures and materials
  • Events and receptions of large groups, indoors or outdoors
  • LEED maintenance requirements

Ready to take your industrial and commercial maintenance needs to the next level?