Word of the President

Only a company with exceptional staff can offer an exceptional service.

I founded Entretien Avangardiste in 1996 by focusing everything on the quality of the services offered. Over time, this daring gamble proved to be fruitful and the company experienced strong growth. Several years later, I am proud to affirm that each member of the Avangardiste family continually adheres to this beautiful value with as much of conviction.

Entretien Avangardiste is a dynamic and innovating firm which places the human at the centerstage of its practice. Our relationships with our customers and our employees are durable because they are based on confidence, transparent communication, and cooperation.

It is thanks to a best ins class customer service, employees proud of the great quality of their work and managers concerned with constantly improving our practices that we position ourselves today as an industry leader.

The mission of Entretien Avangardiste is to be your partner of choice for the custodial and janitorial maintenance of your premises so that users benefit from a clean and healthy environment. In this regard, I am personally committed to:

  • Provide for the maintenance of your premises reliable, well-trained staff and in sufficient number;
  • Comply to your specific needs thanks to a flexible and multidisciplinary workforce;
  • Use top quality products and equipment of recognized brands;
  • Adhere to the most stringent quality control standards of the industry.


Above all, I hope that you will appreciate the courteous presence and the competency of our staff, highly motivated, engaged and professional individuals.

Pedro Melo,

Ready to take your industrial and commercial maintenance needs to the next level?